New Products

Vintage style metal clock
Vintage style clock
€45.00 out of stock
Notice board
Vintage style notice board
Library steps
Chair / steps
€85.00 out of stock

French style mirror
French mirror
€28.00 out of stock
Hand painted letters
Painted letters
€5.00 each
Photo frame with clock
'HOME' photo frame

Gothic style wooden mirror
Wooden mirror
out of stock
Cast iron signs
Cast iron metal signs
Licence plate clock
Licence plate clock
€70.00 now €60

White wooden crates
Decorative white crates
€12.00 sold individually or as a set
Oriental head tea light holder
Tea light holder
€18.00 out of stock
Blue metal lantern
Vintage style lantern
€40.00 out of stock

Vintage style clock
Vintage clock
€25.00 out of stock
Metal towel rail
Towel rail
€25.00 out of stock
Wooden framed ribbon mirror
Painted mirror
€30.00 out of stock

Decorative metal butterfly
Indoor / outdoor metal butterfly
€20.00 out of stock
Metal coat hook set
Gothic coat hook set
Metal wire jewelry stand
jewelry holder

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